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Smell of Rosemary - Apple Tart 0

Apple Tart

This delicious and beautiful apple tart is so similar to the apple tarts my mother made when I was a little girl. Tangy apples mixed with loads of raisins and cinnamon, encrusted in a...

Smell of Rosemary - Tarte Tatin 0

Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin is a simple upside down tart, containing irresistible caramelized apples and covered with flaky crumbly puff pastry. To make this French classic tart, you need only four ingredients, apples, sugar, butter and one...

Smell of Rosemary - Palmiers 0


I was looking for something super easy and delish to make for Easter Sunday, for our family party. I need fast and uncomplicated recipes, since I make more than one variety of sweets and several side...