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Rich Raspberry Frosting

This creamy, luscious frosting is made from unsalted butter and fresh berries, and its beautiful pink color and fragrance comes naturally from fresh raspberries. Use it to spread on your favorite cakes and cupcakes....

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Lemon Curd

There are so many uses for lemon curd. You can start with spreading it on your toast, or add to your morning bowl of oatmeal, or spread some on pancakes. Lemon curd tastes great...

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Layered Meringue Terrine

A perfect combination of meringue cookies and ice cream enriched with Irish cream and coffee infused chocolate fudge makes this dessert irresistible. It very much reminds me of tiramisu, but with a much lighter...

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Coffee Cream

This coffee cream recipe is one more component of a Layered Meringue Terrine that will be my next post. It is a very flavorful and easy to make cream with a light texture.  It can...

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White Chocolate Cream

This white chocolate cream recipe is a component of a Layered Meringue Terrine that I will blog about later this week.  This recipe also features meringue cookies, which I blogged about last week (

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Coffee Chocolate Fudge

This exceptional and ingenious coffee-infused fudge is delicious when used as an accompaniment to cakes and other desserts; it needs to be at room temperature before use. Ingredients ½ cup of heavy whipping cream...