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White Chocolate Cream

This white chocolate cream recipe is a component of a Layered Meringue Terrine that I will blog about later this week.  This recipe also features meringue cookies, which I blogged about last week (

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Coffee Chocolate Fudge

This exceptional and ingenious coffee-infused fudge is delicious when used as accompaniment to cakes and other desserts; it needs to be at room temperature before use. Ingredients ½ cup of heavy whipping cream ½...

Smell of Rosemary - Meringue Cookies Cookies Being Crunched 2

Meringue Cookies

These light and crunchy meringue cookies are beautiful, and a perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth. This recipe is great as a stand-alone cookie recipe, but I have a grander vision.  These cookies...

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Chia Fudgy Brownies

Imagine that – Chia seeds incorporated into a brownie!  The results will surprise you, and I cannot wait for you to try these healthy brownies. Ingredients ½ cup of water 1 tablespoon of chia...

Smell of Rosemary - Apple Tart 0

Apple Tart

This delicious and beautiful apple tart is so similar to the apple tarts my mother made when I was a little girl. Tangy apples mixed with loads of raisins and cinnamon, encrusted in a...

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Chocolate and Pumpkin Tart

Are you in the Halloween Spirit?  This delicious chocolate pumpkin tart will do the trick! It is decorated with a wicked chocolate spider web and has a chocolate crust and a layer of chocolate beneath the pumpkin filling. ...