Smell of RosemaryHello, welcome to Smell of Rosemary, my blog about cooking, where you can find delicious recipes to inspire you in your own kitchen. I am happy you are here.

My passion for cooking developed when I was a young girl helping my mom prepare meals for our family. We always used fresh ingredients and most of the fruits and vegetables came from our own garden.

Smell of Rosemary is my website where I post captivating recipes, which I stumble upon in my favorite cookbooks and magazines or get from my friends and family members. I try every recipe to make sure it is up to my high standards. I often change them a bit, usually by reducing fat or sugar, but I never sacrifice the flavor. I also develop my own recipes, often related to foods from my Polish childhood or foods I think my own family will love to eat. My family, especially my two sons, are my biggest supporters and critics.

I hope my blog will make cooking fun and delicious for you and your family and inspire you to cook at home where you can prepare more affordable and healthier meals than typical restaurant food.