Roasted Chicken Thighs with Potatoes and Peas

Smell of Rosemary - Chicken Thighs, Potatoes and Peas - Top

This is a delicious and easy to prepare recipe.  The fresh dill and lemon juice perfectly accent the chicken thighs, peas, and potatoes. 

Smell of Rosemary - Chicken Thighs, Potatoes and Peas - Ingredients


1½ pounds new potatoes, cut in half, or quartered if large
3 tablespoons olive oil
8 bone-in and skin-on chicken thighs about 2½ pounds
1 teaspoon caraway seeds
1 teaspoon dry mustard
1 cup frozen peas, thawed
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons chopped fresh dill
1 teaspoon salt, divided
1 teaspoon black pepper, divided

Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and place the oven rack in the highest position.

Line a large cookie sheet with aluminum foil. Place potatoes and toss with olive oil and ½ teaspoon salt and ½ teaspoon black pepper.

Trim excess fat from chicken and season with caraway seeds, dry mustard and remaining salt and black pepper.


Smell of Rosemary - Chicken Thighs, Potatoes and Peas - Ready to Bake


Roast for about 30 minutes, until potatoes are soft and chicken is cooked through. Toss potatoes once during the roasting. Add peas and roast for 3 to 4 more minutes.

Sprinkle with dill and lemon juice. Enjoy!Smell of Rosemary - Chicken Thighs, Potatoes and Peas - Out of the Oven

Preparation Time: about 10 minutes

Cooking Time: about 34 minutes

Recipe adapted from Real Simple, February 2013.

Nutritional information: Calories 638, Fat 34 g, Cholesterol 140 mg, Sodium 537mg, Protein 44g, Carbohydrates 36g, Fiber 4g.

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